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EB Garamond Font - 12 pt - 1.5 spacing

  • Op-Eds: Max 1500 Words 

  • Poetry: Max 2 pages

  • PDF 

  • If you link a source, please include the web address in parentheses after the relevant section.


  • Any medium, just send us a photo or scan of your art

    • Videos will also be considered, if that is your medium​

  • We currently have a preference for photography 

  • JPEG or PDF

  • Include a short description of your art piece; i.e. medium(s), title, muse)


Absolutely anyone can apply to model for us 

  • ​Send us a few photos of yourself, including headshots and full-length

  • A short (one paragraph) bio

  • We place an emphasis on diversity, so if you aren't chosen it is likely because we want to represent a range of people

  • Submit a piece to be published with us. If we decide to publish it, you can then apply to be a staff writer

  • Send us an email with a couple more samples of your work, a short bio, and a paragraph or two on why you're interested in working at Se7en and what you bring to the table

Staff Writing Positions

Key Information

  • Email all submissions to

  • We accept all submissions on a rolling basis but please be advised that if you submit a written piece our editorial team may offer some edits and feedback, which means your work won't be published right away.

    • Writing positions can be held from anywhere in the world, so if you don't live in Edinburgh/the UK, please still apply!​

  • If you would like to apply as a model or photographer, our editor will ask for an in-person meeting to get to know you before any involvement in shoots. 

A photograph of a woman standing in front of a tall bookshelf, reaching up to take a book with one hand and holding a gold dagger by its hilt in the other. The camera is positioned behind her at a low angle.
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