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Two women stand facing each other, looking directly into the camera. They pose in front of a stone building with a large orange wooden door. They hold their palms up to each other at chest level and between their palms they hold a gold dagger in a sheath.

Who you are is who we are

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Our Mission

Se7en strives to promote diversity in its truest form, collaboration at its highest level and compassion as its founding value. This is a magazine for controversial ideas, because we want people from all ideologies and thus differing opinions included in our readership. Se7en stands for all genders, all love and all colours, with an emphasis on those that have been marginalised. We aim to provide thought and conversation-provoking content, as well as a community in which those may flourish. 

SE7EN's Origin 

Se7en Magazine was created by several Edinburgh-based women in early 2020 to represent feminists across the United Kingdom and beyond. 

The Edinburgh Seven were the first group of matriculated female undergraduate students in Britain, who campaigned and fought for the right of women to a university education. While these seven medical students began studying at the University of Edinburgh in 1869, they were not officially recognised as graduates and were posthumously presented their degrees in 2019.


Se7en Magazine was created and named in order to honour the legacy of these feminist pioneers of women’s rights. 

A silver metal sword with a black leather hilt, and a gold dagger halfway out of its sheath are propped together against a stone wall covered in moss.
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