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Woman in embroidered vintage corset top sits in front of wall of books, reading an old book. She holds one hand out to the side and her mouth is parted as if she's discussing the book.

An intersectional magazine supporting women and marginalised genders


Resident poet Payton Covelli pens a darkly-beautiful piece on growing up, relationships, and the meaning we can all find within ourselves. Stay tuned for more work by Covelli! 

May 21st

Lead staff writer Barbara Labbate opens up the discussion around domestic violence, the male excuse, and the problematic news headlines that follow. 

May 8th
Screenshot 2023-03-27 at 16.16.30.png

Se7en's new Editor in Chief, Indigo Williams, pens a letter to the Se7en readers and community at large. She covers current goals, upcoming work, sneak peeks, and future events!

April 1st
Screenshot 2023-03-22 at 19.14.13.png

You loved her as our fall feature and now she's back and better than ever! Read Se7en's profile of Elles Bailey's March 16th show at The Caves here in Edinburgh. We dive into Elles' feminist performance, using her platform for activism, and the incredible musical talent that has garnered her large and ardent fan base. 

March 23rd, 2023 

The most common target of anti-feminists is a feminist's body. In this expositional piece, lead staff writer Barbara Labbate explores the next frontier of the discussion - body neutrality. Controversial? Yes. Eye opening? Absolutely. 

March 9th, 2023 

Our feature piece this fall is an in-depth interview with the UK's #1 Blues artist and Americana chart-topper on resilience, the realities of the music industry and betting on yourself. 

October 13th

Long-distance Run

Explore the intersectional roadblocks and personal violations women and non-binary athletes face, from the rec. league to the olympic stage.

October 1st
An Asian woman with long hair stands confidently in front of a set of windows in a stone building. She holds a sword in both hands, making as if to draw it out of a scabbard, looking off towards the right side of the photo.

This gorgeous piece of poetry by resident freelancer Ellie Mental was the basis for our primary fall photoshoot. Sink into the juxtaposed diction of this fantasy-meets-reality verse.

October 19th
Pile of Bullets

Payton Covelli perfectly captures the personal-meets- political struggle in this highly relevant and moving piece on the juxtaposition between abortion rights and gun control.

October 15th
This is an infographic that depicts a statistic readings "71% of women wear protective clothing that isn't designed for women's bodies." There are four  non-gendered human figure graphics underneath the statistic.

Carolina Criado Perez's groundbreaking book on gendered data gaps and the male default is a must read, no matter how you identify. Our review, like the book, speaks for itself. 

October 1st

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